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Our Tortilla Chips

Experience the freshness of Deli-Style Tortilla Chips, designed for retail grocery stores. These chips offer an authentic, in-store produced flavor, ideal for your snack selection. Crisp and savory, they’re perfect for pairing with deli favorites or adding a tasty touch to any meal.

Fried Tortilla Chips

Delight in the crispness of Gourmet Fried Tortilla Chips, ideal for snack lovers. Made from select corn and fried to golden perfection, they offer a robust flavor that enhances dips and salsas. These chips are perfect for home snacking or as an elegant party treat, blending crispy texture with rich taste in every bite.

Cut Tortilla Chips

Experience the tailored appeal of Cut Tortilla Chips, ideal for restaurants and food service. These pre-cut chips, striking a perfect balance between thick and thin, are ready for custom frying to suit any culinary style. Ideal for a variety of dishes from nachos to unique appetizers, they bring a fresh-fried quality to the table, enhancing meals with their ideal crunch.