Always Fresh, Always Superior

Food Service

La Superior Foods, Inc. stands out as the premier and most versatile tortilla manufacturer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond, boasting a unique combination of time-honored tradition, innovative solutions, and a dynamic, experienced team.


World Class Customer Service

• We take care of our clients. We provide 24-7 support, and accommodate changing needs, last minute rush orders and delivery.
• Our customers come to us to be solution provider.
• Established successful collaborations with major retailers, leading eCommerce platforms and food service/co-packing with focus on their needs.
• We create custom products and packaging, and, specialize in private brands.
• In retail, we’ve created turn-key solutions that include display ready bakery products that eliminate labor in the stores. This includes a scale label applied to the package, a retail support team, specializing in merchandising.

Innovative Products and Flexible Packaging

• Innovative packaging such as crush-proof boxes, preserving freshness and preventing common issues like sticking and tearing so it always looks fresh.
• We are a solution provider for a large co-packer, and are the only tortilla manufacturer that provides a 2-count, custom unit package.
• Gourmet products that solve industry challenges of diverse product sizes and savory flavor profiles, from 4″ street taco style tortillas to unique flavor profiles such as Spicy Jalapeno, Mild Chipotle, Hatch Chile, and Butter.

Robust Infrastructure

• Our facility is fully air conditioned which provides not only a great work environment for our employees but also helps the quality of the tortillas.
• We deploy UV filters on all water for mixing to create dough consistency.
• State-of-the-art tortilla manufacturing equipment. This includes quality checkpoints from beginning to end during the manufacturing process.
• Invested in developing an excellent R&D Team that is constantly innovating with new products, flavor profiles, and the blending of traditional and authentic with contemporary. They live and train our team on the science of tortilla creation, but also the art.
• Enterprise level ERP software that controls the entire process: Purchasing, Inventory, Manufacturing and Scheduling, Shipping and Receiving, Sales, Accounting, and Customer Service
• We source only high-quality ingredients.
• Every finished product that leaves our facility is fully documented, including images once they are loaded on transport