Always Fresh, Always Superior

Retail Experts

Retail experts of producing and selling fresh tortillas are an important part of the food industry. They are responsible for providing customers with a high-quality product that is both delicious and nutritious.


Always Fresh, Always Superior

Our Expertise to Help You Grow

We can provide retail expertise with our tortilla products by offering comprehensive training and support to our retail partners. This includes providing detailed product information, demonstrating proper storage and handling techniques, and offering advice on how to best market and promote our tortilla products. Additionally, we can provide our retail partners with access to our online resources, such as recipes, product reviews, and promotional materials. By providing our retail partners with the necessary tools and resources, we can ensure that our tortilla products are presented in the best possible way and that our retail partners are able to maximize their sales.

La Superior Tortillas creates an amazing experience for retail bakery!

  • Each package of tortillas arrives in first-of-its-kind, crush-proof boxes to maintain fluffiness
  • It freezes or refrigerates well to maintain freshness and taste
  • Product is made with the authenticity of an original, family recipe containing only gourmet ingredients
  • Classic flavors that include Mild Chipotle, Spicy Jalapeno, Authentic White, Spicy Hatch, and etc.
  • Exceptional care by the team members of La Superior Foods throughout every step of the manufacturing process
  • Printed scalable labels applied to product available to reduce store labor

Display Tips for the Bakery Department

To display tortillas, arrange them in a basket or on a platter. Place the basket or platter on a counter or table for easy access. If desired, add a few colorful napkins or a tablecloth to make the display more attractive. For a more festive look, add a few sprigs of fresh herbs or edible flowers.

  • Place on table with product at room temperature
  • Full displays create increased customer awareness and demand
  • Display multiple flavors to increase overall sales
  • Provide in person store support to launch products